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Matt Cunningham

Matt Cunningham – Rí na Seite

In this one hour documentary we look at the contribution of Matt Cunningham as musician and teacher of Irish music and culture. For 50 years, he has delighted dancers and audiences all over the world withhis performances.

In 2015 1Matt Cunningham celebrated 50 years in music with a weekend of music, song and dance in his home town of Headford. TG4 were there to capture this unique event which will be the backdrop to this captivating documentary, ‘Rí na Seite’.
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Hup Whitenoun, often said involuntarily and spontaneously.

  1. a loud cry of joy or excitement when music is played
  2. a signal between musicians that one is about to go into another tune.
  3. An exclamation among listeners when the musicians go into another tune
  4. An indication that the tempo should be lifted
  5. A new 13-part trad series airing on TG4 in Autumn 2015.
Dictionary of Traditional Irish Music.


Cothú An Chósta

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland & Radio Na Gaeltachta
(8 Part Series)


Cothú an Chósta is a new maritime radio series that will bring listeners around the 7,500 kilometres of the Irish coast. Coastal communities have a special relationship with the sea and with each other. Cothú an Chósta will explore this connection bringing the listener on an aural adventure into the heart and heritage of Irish coastal life.

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funded by Broadcasting Authority of  Ireland & TG4

(six part series about innovation in Irish agriculture which starts on the 23 October on TG4)


Feirm is a new six part series about innovation in Irish agriculture which starts on the 23 October on TG4.

Irish agriculture is thriving like never before and our produce is held in the highest regard globally. Ireland is leading the pack in terms of technological advances that are redefining farming in the 21st century. FEIRM brings us from the heartlands to the labs, from factories to forests as we get an insight into the ever-changing and adaptable world of Irish agriculture. In this exciting new series we’re given a clear view of today’s cutting-edge technology and innovation that will shape tomorrow’s farming.

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Imeall is TG4’s flagship bilingual arts series. Since 2008 IMEALL (translated as edge)has been chronicling cultural life in Ireland by getting up close and personal with our leading artists in all corners of the country. Shot on location, IMEALL provides a wonderful insight into the work of our arts practitioners and with thoughtful questions from our team of artist-reporters we catch a glimpse of the creative magic that is our nation’s greatest strength.  Imeall continues into its fifth season this year and is presented by Tristan Rosenstock.



Ceol Ar An Imeall  is a ten-part alternative music series on TG4 with a brilliant line-up of live guests and interviews to satisfy the most dedicated music fan. The programme is presented by journalist Una Mullally who has been writing about music for the past decade and has an unrelenting enthusiasm for local and international sounds. Ceol Ar An Imeall translates as Music At The Edge and throughout its two series to date, the show has featured the cream of Irish and international indie music talent.