Maggie Breathnach

Maggie Breathnach, Co-Director, Red Shoe Productions

Maggie is an enduring and committed programme-maker. She has been producing and researching programmes for more than a decade, and continues to work on the development of various series for the international and Irish markets.
Maggie’s initial introduction to the industry was as a travel presenter in India. She has a vast amount of experience producing and generating programme ideas, following them through to fruition and motivating staff in order to achieve the best possible programmes.
Prior to this she was a series researcher and producer of many genres of programming, from light entertainment to documentary. On a freelance basis she produced many television programmes, including TG4’s People of the Sea, The Gospel According to Paraic, Sing A Song, to name but a few.
This diverse range of programming has taken Maggie all over the world from Calcutta to New York and a couple of stops in between.
She has also been on steering committees for Irish aid agency The Hope Foundation.

+353 (0) 1 401 3646